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best option is probably just to give it to the local mutijulu people

if they find an abandoned car on the side of the road, they either scavenge it for parts or get parts from the dozens of other cars that get abandoned out here and make it go again

they're crazy good and probably the best people to leave the car with

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considering that it's gonna be $4k to fix my car (they quoted me $3200 but the mechanics out here aren't known for charging anywhere near what they quote) i'm deciding to pony up a little more and buy a cheap van instead

just gotta think of what i'm gonna do with the camry now that i'm not fixing it and i can't realistically sell it or take it anywhere

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I will never forget that video I saw about talking to cops. It was like an hour and a half split between a lawyer, making the case that you shouldn't talk to cops, and a cop, arguing that you should. The lawyer's argument featured all the standard things - you have the right to a lawyer, the lawyer knows the system better than you, the cops can and will lie to you, they might pin something on you even if you're innocent, etc.. He made some really cogent arguments and stated them well.

But what stuck with me was the cop's argument. It basically boiled down to two points: first, don't worry about it! Second, I shit you not, he made the argument that everyone breaks the law in small ways all the time, so you've done something wrong, and if you get on the cops' bad side they can lock you up if they want.

I saw this when I was a baby liberal in college, and I think that cop's terrible, evil argument singlehandedly radicalized me

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๐Ÿ˜” job hunting websites
๐Ÿ˜ notice boards in the village square offering 150 gold pieces to the first adventurer who deals with the local monster

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you wanna know why income inequality falls along racial lines?

- renting is more expensive than owning but home loans penalize black people
- hiring discrimination
- pay discrimination
- school-to-prison pipeline
- overpolicing depopulates communities
- low-income neighborhoods tend to reside in unhealthy/environmentally dangerous locations
- which means increased rates of disabilities, higher health costs
- can't work if you're sick
- public transportation underfunded in black neighborhoods


ah good, teeth hurt

must be those wisdom teeth coming in that i probably don't have time to get checked out

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neil has done more for queer communities than mickey mouse will ever do
reject corporate appropriation of pride, embrace banging out the tunes

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turning pride month into slide month, as I slide into your dad's dms looking like the music video for that Old Time Rock and Roll song

forgot to rotate the second image (pinephone camera app doesn't yet have orientation support so you have to spin it manually) so just tilt your head a little

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new 14tb hard drive and mic arm arrived so i thought it'd be a good idea to tidy up the workstation a little

work accomadation gripes 

the laundry for my row of units has a whopping 1 (one) barely functional washing machine and dryer, and quite frankly the sound the washer makes are just alarming enough that i refuse to let it handle my clothes

guess i'll go use the laundry of the next row over until all those machines break down too

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pikmin is genius because it's like

what if there were a bunch of guys

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a cat is just a sort of 'premium goblin'

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