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What if we put Garfield's head on top of The Joker's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

my 8bitdo controller adaptors haven't arrived so for the time being i'll have to use my atari joystick

this limits me to games that exclusively use the A button

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still on hold over half an hour later

probably like 1 operator handling calls, since i'm supposedly top of the queue

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asked me to give a number to call back when i'm at the top of the queue then immediately called me back to chuck me back on hold

what was the point

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like i'll dig out old racist posts of theirs and public shame them for posting them

that kind of cancelling

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sim from new isp arrived

time to sit on hold with my current one to cancel it

work, covid 

eagerly awaiting flights from brisbane only for the nt government to announce they're a hotspot while the flight was on its way

guess we're not having arrivals again

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ah yes communism is bad because [thing actually caused by capitalism]

problem is the van i have picked out is also heavy as heck so i'll need a semi-decent tow car

luckily there's a couple of decent old land cruisers going for decent prices that can carry the van pretty comfortably

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gonna have to get a loan out to buy the van and car but it's probably gonna be cheaper and less hassle than the bus (won't have to get a different license for one)

also still better and roughly as affordable as the accommodation they have here at the resort for us anyway

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project "the stationary house market fucking sucks" (the one where i get a motorhome) has now morphed into me getting a caravan with a semi-decent tow car

slowly plotting stuff out but i'll get there

i mean other than it needing some work (an air con would be nice, plus roadworthy and rego) and it being a little old it's still nice

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internet is still borked

tried the sim in another little 4g wifi puck i've got and it locked it out, and it's still not working in the modem it's meant for so *shrug*

did customs seize my fm transmitter in the post or is it just taking a really long time to get here?

the struggles of an amateur radio pirate

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europe in the middle ages is like the most boring setting why would u make ur game take place in that setting

work - 

now i have to head back to work only to find out the air con broke, and due to sydney and melbourne flights not happening people from one of the other hotels here are moving here which means i'll probably start working at the shitty 5 star place (not ideal to put it lightly)

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spent the weekend playing interactive video entertainment

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so lets say, hypothetically, that there are clowns. and for the purposes of argument, lets say those clowns are on my left. and in this scenario, let's also say that there are jokers. this is a fact, there are clowns, and there are jokers. then, those jokers must be to the right. because the only other option, besides left, is right, and you cant have clowns both to my left and right. but then, purely hypothetically, there also exists you. so here i am, and because of the facts that there are clowns on the left and jokers on the right, and the logic that you can't be in either, you have to be stuck between the two. this is a biological fact. then, that would theoretically mean i'd be stuck in the middle with you.

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