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what if we kissed while watching the Horse Shopping Channel (channel 251 on Stirr)???


after a ton of messing about with pluto tv on kodi, i've decided that it actually sucks ass and stirr works considerably with the same general set of channels

hopefully it keeps up like this because i'm sick of looking for iptv services with decent programming i actually want to watch

just cleared out my wardrobe to find over half of my clothes in there don't fit or are somehow horribly damaged


can't believe early 00s trance and house tunes are all gay people listen to, according to every "gay" radio station i've ever listened to

open source software except a bit of the code is actually proprietary code and we won't tell you which part it is until the C&D comes through after you fork it

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43 degrees celsius outside tomorrow

feel sorry for the poor sods that have to be outside

knowing i could leave work early because the remaining arrival is a no-show from this morning's flight

staying around anyway for another half hour because i'm playing cafe de touhou albums on the work stereo

fucked up to think the main application we use to manage reservations and billing at work is an ancient java applet that only works with internet explorer

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connoisseur of ugly suits, each more ugly than the last

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Reading the latest Foone teardown and it is a RIDE:

Come for the creepy jesus cube, stick around for the infected FAT32 partitions

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