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oh yeah i listen to eurobeat! what song? oh you know, \*lists 4000000000 touhou eurobeat arrangements*
no i dont know what "deja vu" is

big bang is on in the lobby tv

sheldor just made a funny joke about spending his night reinstalling his linux operating systems


decided to order hungry jacks tonight via menulog

hoping it's worth it

idea: i go on holiday by myself so that all fuckups and issues that occur are entirely my fault

just drove them 5 hours while having to put up with their music at max volume (made up of about 2 cardi b and cupcakKe songs on loop with the occasional country song and casanova by ultimate kaos) and i've had to foot the bill

need to stop being so damn nice

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just cleaned it this morning and now it reeks of cigarette smoke (the story seems to be that some of the girls' family members were smoking near the car, but it reeked far too strongly of the stuff for me to believe that) and is filled with trash they left behind

i could probably let it go if they actually paid me some fuel money

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got told that i had to get cash out at an ATM 5 minutes away and then somehow make change from that since they don't do change or cash out

fuck that just make it free by this point

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we will never be a fully cashless society until we abolish coin operated washing machines in hotel laundries

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