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feel free to take it home, another one will be left in there for the next guest

this will be my only act as manager

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becoming a general manager at one of the hotels here just to place at least 1 (one) blåhaj in each room

this is me but in japan whenever this whole thing blows over

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going around town like a dingball with a camera and mic mounted to my cap so i can record the sights and sounds of the city whilst simultaneously getting beaten up by a boomer who thinks i'm infringing on his rights

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who desires pottage
of nettles containing no milk receives pottage
which milk
has been poured surreptitiously through pipe.

yes i do want to be told about the benefits of japanet water at least every other half hour

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do you think my boss is going to accept "watching japanese weather and shopping channels all night" as an excuse for why i'm tired at work tomorrow?

also it's payday so i bought another optiplex to use as my main PC with the money i have left

if anything, this has just highlighted how bad the rest of my setup and cables are

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works best with my ps2 over component, even with my shitty $10 cables (will test with HD retrovisons when they arrive)

s-video has some problems (3do can't get colour, probably down to a lack of support for whatever form of weird Japanese NTSC it outputs; cd-i has problems with colours and weird noise for some reason which is also probably down to s-video never really working out of it in the first place; saturn works alright but my s-video cables are shit so video noise)

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it only took 3 months but my retrotink 2x pro arrived

covid adj 

genuinely considering dropping out from my traineeship and applying for a full time position somewhere here if shit doesn't improve

what use am i going to have for a hospitality cert in this viral climate? everything's just gonna shut down again anyway after scomo opens the borders like a dunce anyway

also they want me to start at 7:45am but nobody really knows when they want me to finish

rostering here really is a mess and it really makes me wish they messaged me this stuff

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one of the main managers was like "i don't think you were suited to your last job (supermarket), you'd be much better off here" and really wanted me to "own" this job to the point where i stay on after my traineeship and work up the chain

quite frankly it just felt like he was trying to groom me to keep working here and it felt wrong as fuck

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god going back to working at the hotels again here is a weird experience

everyone just feels really inauthentic and phoney, especially some of the managers towards me

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