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for those unaware, the australian aboriginal flag has been owned by a private non-indigenous company for the past few years and they've been suing others for using it without permission

never should have sold it to them in the first place

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we love katamari 

anyway please play katamari

(almost) all katamari is good katamari (except maybe the cashgrab mobile games and the vita game)

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we love katamari 

i could spend probably half my playthrough just reading the item descriptions for stuff i pick up

sigh, - 

this has happened the last 2 or 3 times now

horrible timing i guess

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any good MUCs worth joining? wanna get into xmpp some more

sigh, - 

kinda wonder why i bother to hold game nights around here sometimes

everyone's fine with "6pm, resort theatre, friday night" until they realise they've got something planned on friday night around 6pm just before we kick off

alc, food 

had too much CC last night, puked it all up this morning (a rarity) and now i'm just bleh

this calls for a diet cheat day, specifically nuggies and chips


very drubnk, listening to copious amounts of junko yagami

i'm good, thanks

started dieting with shakes a couple days ago

head's an absolute fucking mess but I'll adjust (probably)

these things are like 20-30kg EACH, let alone the two of them and the editing unit

i'd only really want one, despite how cool the idea of editing video on the two of them sounds

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honestly if i had the space plus the AUD$750 + insane amounts for postage, i'd get these big ass u-matic decks

i just want to be surrounded by obscure, obsolete tape machines

wanted one of the black ones with the filter attached to a long tube, but to get one big enough for my head i'd have to order from lithuania or moldova

oh well, maybe next time

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