@cccam @immychan softmods have pretty much replaced all need for an r4 card

installing CIA dumps of 3ds games though FBI and regular DS games though TwilightMenu works a treat

@immychan how are the load times? i have this running on my og 3ds and each load screen is like 1 1/2 minutes long

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vinewrestle 2021 should seriously be run on a hacked ROM of WWF no mercy or something

started roaring and smelt funny

god knows how many years it'll take for maintenance to replace it

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today's accomplishment: managed to break the microwave

friendship ended with gameros

now lakka is my sff pc hooked up to my tv distro of choice (again)

Tech YouTuber part 2 

@Main_Tomato 4k video downloader isn't a virus, that's just firefox's boilerplate executable message

it actually one of the better downloader programs for windows if you still can't work youtube-dl

booting up my xbox made it have an update and reveal that half of my game pass games i had downloaded are no longer on game pass

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might actually have to boot up my Xbox for the first time in forever just to buy an wwe game and make dumb custom wrestlers because i can't do it anymore with my switch and 2k18

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After buying TikTok , Microsoft immediately rebrands it to bring this exciting new market segment they have acquired in line with corporate identity guidelines.

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*walking up to the taco bell drive thru wearing a Bart Simpson Iraq war tshirt* one big mac please

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disney minus (you pay a monthly fee to forget disney exists)


restaurant here at the resort (there's only really one open rn) now gives regular staff 20% off food, and managers and higher staff get 35% off for some inexplicable reason

truly some bullshit

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