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still jumping back and forward between caravans and buses as my future space of living

just plotting out floor plans for an bus (this one is based off a toyota coaster's dimensions)

trawled through the electronics shop that i've dropped my computer off at and they have a considerable selection of somewhat antiquated hardware and consumables

at least i know where i can go to get some cheapish hi-md discs

food, caps 


this just needs to be a kobold or dragon and half of you would be posting "kink"

should these shörks be travelling with me in my luggage or in the back seat of the car?

they'll probably be very comfy either way

digging through ebay found me this one marked as a saturn controller (it's obviously for a playstation) for like $50 as well as whatever monstrosity this thing is

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*hotd2 goldman voice* I'm fully aware of what I'm doing. Can't you see?

problem is the van i have picked out is also heavy as heck so i'll need a semi-decent tow car

luckily there's a couple of decent old land cruisers going for decent prices that can carry the van pretty comfortably

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gonna have to get a loan out to buy the van and car but it's probably gonna be cheaper and less hassle than the bus (won't have to get a different license for one)

also still better and roughly as affordable as the accommodation they have here at the resort for us anyway

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i mean other than it needing some work (an air con would be nice, plus roadworthy and rego) and it being a little old it's still nice

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got one of these gl.inet gl-ar750 routers (USB powered, fast ethernet (100mbps) on the ethernet ports) which runs openwrt out of the box and i'm just gonna stick some old telstra 4g dongle into it

still better than the shitty netcomm i've got now

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forgot to post this a couple of days ago but we had a big lizard (pretty sure it's a perentie, not the biggest one i've seen) here at the apartments

it eventually snuck into a room under someone's bed until we had someone help it back out into the bush

please subscribe to gr cable we have such wonderful programming on all 20 channels

i need to stop spending time working on stream interstitials and stuff like that

i barely even stream

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