after looking around, i'm deciding to get this little bugger

1999 toyota hiace, done 390k KMs but it's an automatic (easier on me mentally on those long drives) and it's mostly blind (save for a window on the sliding door) so i can just sorta chill in the back

going through driva to sort out the finance so once that's all approved, it'll be on the next train up here providing someone doesn't snag it first


a 2000 toyota townace? a little small but i'll give it a sho-

okay, that's a factory fitted AM radio, isn't it?

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i bought the dang yurucamp virtual camping thing (one of them, there's another and they're both AUD$30 each)

now i just need one of those VR headset thingys for my switch so i can become nadeshiko

somehow still have 25% battery left after 3 days of not charging

eink/epaper phones truly are the future

stock image lady ec 

work is making me do online training and each module starts with a slow servo montage

kinda wish it was more like this


back looking at the local van from that mechanic (he found the keys and can actually work on it now) and i might have misread the mileage this thing had done

i swear, that 7 looked like a 2

if i didn't have so much stuff to cart around i'd happily get this little thing

1991 nissan s cargo (the escargot pun is intentional, it's inspired by the citoren 2cv)

van update 

shopping for another van, since the local mechanic i was getting one from has been silent for nearly 2 months despite me forking out almost $4k as a deposit so he would start work on it while i get the rest of the money.

found a nice 02 mercedes (ssangyong) for what i've already paid on the other van's deposit. diesel, low-ish odometer, a reasonably big community and a fair amount of parts. once the money from the other one gets refunded, i'll probably get this.

aliexpress haul arrived today

mainly some yurucamp themed shirts i ordered a couple sizes too big and a bunch of stickers for the (upcoming) van

trying to look up stuff about the Hisense A5 Pro CC (chinese android phone with a colour eink screen) but all i keep finding are people complaining about no Google Play support

like okay, cool, didn't want google on it anyway.

why nba jam? because it jams hard (and is fun as fuck in multiplayer, even as someone like me who doesn't do the sports)

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i'm looking for anti-catboy shirts on aliexpress but all i find are catboys

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