beat D's Diner on 3DO, and got greeted with a trailer and short advert for D 2

can't wait for that to come out in 1990-never

not used to postage actually being this fast

now for it to take forever because auspost

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so uh we got these in at work now

literally tastes like sugary/vanillary milk, barely a hint of pineapple lollies to it at all

dvb-t modulator in

booster comes tomorrow so hopefully i can start digital broadcasting later this week

the boxes at work are all gay and they all want to top each other

despite the obvious facebook privacy concerns (which i can probably get around), i ordered an oculus go

can't wait to enjoy dull mobile games and then hook it up wirelessly to my pc for various vr shenanigans

shopping online for houseboats i can't afford to escape a society i don't really like all that much

the towering behemoth of crap is slowly getting built

god it feels good to have more room in this place

us weather channel: weather and documentaries about weather, generally boring

weathernews: weather girl browses twitter and throws paper airplanes, generally entertaining despite the language barrier

these $20 bootleg kmart airpods remind me of the horrors of having to jam earbuds into your ears to get good audio from them but they look more acceptable than proper headphones on cam so they're good enough for houseparty

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