bike is here and assembled

not quite ready to ride as i'm sure it needs a bit of adjustment (that and i haven't riden a bike in close to 10 years so i'm pretty rusty)

minidisc car stereo quest 

i decided to take another quick look and ended up buying this one from someone in poland for relatively cheap that has mdlp support

just gonna get the auto shop to install a frequency "expander" along with it so i can still get most of the local radio stations

awful, porn adj 

yeah i'll get that email sent to ya boss,

i just gotta find out which horny anime keys i'm pressing

in other deezer related bullshittery, i think i may have found one of the worst live bootlegs somehow officially sold

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initial netmd tests good (lp2 sounds a little more compressed than i'm used to, probably fine for the pirated mp3s you'd be getting off limewire at the time though but sp is certainly the best quality)

now it's time to head onto the line in capture tests via my new audio technica turntable and my rez infinite soundtrack records

minidisc is here (and from a quick battery test, is go but i'll see if it records when i get home)

minidisc take 2

hopefully this one won't have a worn out recording head ribbon cable like the other one i ordered did

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