thought popped into my head about the openpandora and how i've always kinda wanted one ever since ashens showed one off years ago

found out that there's a successor to it called the pyra and it's kinda almost nearly ready for release maybe at some point (dev kits have only become available as of august despite the project being in the works since 2015)

for the record, it's advertised to run for 20 days on one charge (with also no settings turned on)

it also works fully via gadgetbridge with no need for activation via a proprietary app (the mi band 4 and up need to be activated via xiaomi's app initially to work)

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my xiaomi mi band 3 arrived yesterday and i've been wearing it on and off since (mainly because it's been sat around for a couple of years and the battery needs a couple of charge cycles to get going again)

it did about 3-4 hours yesterday on a full charge while i was driving but now it seems to be getting a full day with a bit of tweaking to some settings


in alice springs (with the girls for some reason)

bout to go to the casino, spend like $10 and wait for the girls to go broke then go home

anyone know of any good privacy-oriented parcel tracking apps (yes, i'm aware of the irony here) that can handle australia post?

ordered this polaroid cube to stick on my official Generally Rubbish™ hat for some POV touristy filming but the battery in it has decided to simply not (probably because it's been in a box for 6 years and is probably not a great battery to begin with)

shame since it's a cute little camera

wanna gut this and make it into one of those raspberry pi internet radio dealies

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