we love katamari 

anyway please play katamari

(almost) all katamari is good katamari (except maybe the cashgrab mobile games and the vita game)

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we love katamari 

i could spend probably half my playthrough just reading the item descriptions for stuff i pick up

honestly if i had the space plus the AUD$750 + insane amounts for postage, i'd get these big ass u-matic decks

i just want to be surrounded by obscure, obsolete tape machines

since we're still under mask mandate here in the NT, i might as well order me some good masks

auspol, ec 

i await to see what dance challenges scomo gets himself into with his newly minted tiktok account

this recent sudden data loss incident finally made me order a NAS (an Asustor AS1102T, to be exact)

reasonably inexpensive, some semi-decent apps on the built in store and 2 drive bays so i can at least run it in RAID 1 and mirror the drives for some amount of parity/redundancy

it'll do for my media and backups for the time being, i'll probably go all out and build one myself when/if i can afford it

reminder that the turbografx/turbo-cd-rom-rom had not just one, but two entire games about the weird 90s beach boys "relaunch" with a bunch of skateboarding and surfing bears

i wish i knew why (it wasn't money, that's for sure)

gr dot net dot ayy you is officially on "never got around to starting it hiatus mode"

i'll start it up when i head back home and can actually try to go full time on it

why would i pay $1299 for a kobold when there's thousands of kobolds on the fediverse for free?

car get!

1993 subaru liberty/legacy wagon

a really me kinda car, probably as good as i'm gonna get out here anyway

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walked up and down the various caryards alice springs has to offer, realised half the places don't do finance, realised that the ones that do are selling cars that are too new for my liking, and then settled on something old and sensible at the car yard next door to the wreckers

now i get to sit on weird chairs made of tyres for the next hour and wait for them to get it rego'd

yeah i'm bidding on a vgc asus eee pc 701

630mhz single core celron, 512mb ddr2 ram, 4gb of flash storage, literally all anybody needs

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after looking around, i'm deciding to get this little bugger

1999 toyota hiace, done 390k KMs but it's an automatic (easier on me mentally on those long drives) and it's mostly blind (save for a window on the sliding door) so i can just sorta chill in the back

going through driva to sort out the finance so once that's all approved, it'll be on the next train up here providing someone doesn't snag it first

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