new stereo installed, now to degooglefy it as much as possible

digging through the dvds in the common room and i found this on one of those cheapo 10 movie collections

i can tell you for a fact that the person who put this collection together clearly played the paperboy game instead

thinkin of building a new pc with my next paycheck and some extra money coming through soon

comes to like aud$1280 (gonna afterpay from ebay), does this seem good enough for a few years y/n?

got a survey email regarding my experience doing the paperwork for my defence clearance i did while i was doing security work

suffice to say, my opinion has certainly changed since then

massive amounts of spoiled food 

may i interest the fedi with the offer of thirty six (36) litres of spoiled, curdling milk?

spending my sunday (wednesday) night watching a royal rumble on wwe 2k18 switch feat a whole bunch of shitty custom characters i made/downloaded before the servers got turned off

so uh hey the c64 wifi modem works and so does the terminal software i got working through my new sd2iec


yanderedev wrote yet another blog post about nothing so i fixed a bit of it up for him

food/drink, cursed 

do you wish to soak in the dark mass of chemicals and froth that is the diet coke sink y/n?

i regret to inform you all that my c64 has the bad sound chip

spending tonight messing around with the c64 now that all the bits i need have arrived

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