woke up this morning to find the old phone i use to run my 4g home internet missing from out the front of my place and presumably stolen

sucks for them, battery was bulging like fuck on that thing anyway

update on internet situation: phone/modem was likely taken by some community mob (a few people said they saw them drive in late last night), so there's no chance i'll be getting that back

my current telco (tangerine) also don't do my 4g 1000gb plan anymore, so i probably won't be able to get a new SIM even if i wanted to

can't do any of the iinet/TPG/vodafone unlimited 4g plans either because they don't have coverage out here so i'm essentially back to square one regarding internet access


might give optus a try, they've got a $70 500gb plan ($120 700gb plan once you factor in auto top ups) that drops down to 1.5mbps after all that so i'll at least have some form of unlimited downloads

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