work grumbles 

so, i'm meant to be helping out the wellbeing department at the resort with this video game tourney thing and we were planning on doing it all early next year and what not

now it's a fortnightly thing starting next week, something i only found out today because of the monthly staff newsletter, not because the guy actually running it bothered to tell me anything

this wouldn't be so bad if he also wasn't promising to pay me for my time or ever got around to replying to my emails

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work grumbles 

like dude, you explicitly came to me asking for my input because you knew i do tons of video gamey stuff and i said i was more than welcome to help

the worst part is that he also had a tabletop night going, in which only one person went. if you want me to tell people about this and get them on board, i need to know what the fuck we're actually doing

hell, i've got tons of ideas for stuff to do involving bad movies and old games. just give me the theater keys and let me run stuff

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