the state of australia post

ordered a bunch of cheap games from eb games, all but one are in alice springs (one mail stop away from me)

1 game, sent from brisbane via express post (still has to go interstate through alice springs): arrives in 6 days

11 games, sent from alice springs via startrack: still bouncing between two different depots in different alice suburbs, no sign of when they'll actually be here


like i get covid is slowing down the mail but this one box just has to be dropped off with the courier who brings the mail out here

like i'm not sure why that's a challenge for them

Postal service fuckery 

@tempo covid delays look a lot different to general incompetence / underfunding - if it were actual covid delays you'd see it spend a couple days to a week in a depo, not bounce between them - in the city we get covid delays, y'all seem to get "lol we didn't fund postal services in rural areas but we can blame covid so don't worry"

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