my somewhat fruitless search for a motor vehicle of some description is still ongoing.

if there were an easier way to get me and all my shit back home (roughly 2500km), i probably wouldn't be looking this frantically.


motor vehicle mumbles 

my current plan now is to hope my boss will let me have wednesday, thursday and friday off from work, catch the bus up to alice springs, spend thursday scouring the caryards, find something even remotely suitable then get it on dealer finance and bring it back home

saying that, i don't know how good my luck will be considering how insane alice's car market is

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motor vehicle mumbles 

to give you an example of just how insane the market for cars in alice springs is:

unregistered 03 toyota tarago, god knows what might be wrong with it: $5000

98 ford festiva hatchback, dings and dints on pretty much every panel, probably worth $500-1000 anywhere else, but in alice it's $3000

00 ford explorer with a ton of fucked electronics and gauges: $4000

no wonder tons of cars get stolen there, who the fuck's gonna pay those kinds of prices? (people, surprisingly)

motor vehicle mumbles 

that ford explorer was gonna be on my shortlist, because the temp gauge seemed like a cheap enough fix, and the broken cruise control was bearable

that was until i learned that broken cruise control on explorers of this vintage seems to cause them to spontaneously catch fire for some bizarre reason, so that was an instant nope

ton of fucky wiring and regional conversion jobs on those things, doesn't surprise me that there aren't many left

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