at the clinic again, trying my hardest to get the nurses to inject me with Micro Machines™

@tempo i would've thought aboriginal australians were high priority for vaccines, no?

@jookia high priority doesn't exactly translate to "you'll get the vaccine ASAP"

the clinic here in yulara is owned by the resort, and any news like vaccines coming in is only emailed to supervisors and higher, meaning they have to pass the info on to the rest of us (which they do, eventually). top that off with the rather sporadic arrival of vaccines and the general under-staffing of the clinic here and you can imagine things aren't great

@jookia unsurprisingly, the remote aboriginal communities are worse off than us.

most of them don't understand what covid or the vaccines do, and usually they just don't care. it's not affecting them, none of their mob have got it. as far as they know, it's just some white fella thing.

mutijulu, the closest aboriginal community to me, is sitting at about 7% vaccinated. the NT government is considering locking communities down to get them to vaccinate so we'll see if that does anything.

@tempo yikes. do you think NT locking down would help? or is there some other option that would be better?

@jookia locking down individual communities is probably the best step that can be taken. you can't lock down the entire NT. it's too sparsely populated for such a thing.

a lot of the issue is that most people from remote aboriginal communities here in the NT don't speak a lot of english, and most of the remote vaccination teams aren't going to know their local language. the language barrier issue is probably one of the main things stopping remote NT vaccination.

@tempo that sucks hard. it makes me even more pissed at antivaxers for not allowing us to eradicate this shit

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