it's a shame that none of these work anymore on modern mobile networks

i'd use them in a heartbeat over modern phones that are just slabs of touchscreen with a camera somewhere in the top

@tempo also these Japanese flip phones, with their cute designs and tons of LEDs...

@tempo They do make LTE flip phones, I have one and like it a lot. It has data & tethers internet, so if I know I'm going to need apps when I go out, I can take a tablet. But a lot of times I don't! It's great.

@tempo @vidak I had a Nokia 5500! Inside the fancy case was a regular shaped Nokia which was somehow patched into the qwerty keyboard and screen.

@tempo I don't know wtf that first one is or does; but I need it.

@Mia @tempo I'm pretty sure it was one of those cell phone/ MP3 player phones, but I could be wrong.

@tempo specially Nokia had many wild designs back then, if I recall correctly there was a whole R&D unit working on new concepts. Some of them only didn't even got mass produced and were mostly seen at trade shows. See for example

In the early 2000s Nokia was the coolest kid in town.

@tempo 5510 was amazingly convenient to use, not very durable though.

@tempo the first one isn't a phone, it's just a flipping lightsaber

@tempo I remember most of those. The tech had reached a plateau, pre-mobile internet and phone cameras, so weird design was the only way to differentiate your product

@tempo What was the first Nokia called. I remember the other phones, but that one I never noticed. Looks brilliant

@tempo I almost miss it. Everything is so same-ey now.

@tempo I totally miss old phone designs. New hardware releases used to be exciting.

@tempo I miss those phones, as it still bas a place in the world.

@tempo I love the fabric tag on the first one. Totally rounds out the design.

@tempo @gardevoir

I found an old review for the Nokia 7280 and I am just tickled that it begins with the words “As part of the Nokia fashion collection,”

I f*cking LOVED the nokia 5510! Oh Boy, threw all my money, saved from birthday and Christmas, on some dude who sold me his used one. Wonderful days.

@tempo yeah there was the greatest design.. now we have just a screen..f someone sell Nokia 5510 or 3510 can PM me.

@tempo I remember *really* wanting that first nokia one, it just looked like the future to me.

@tempo Nokia had some wild designs going on back in the day. Nowadays phones look so boring: basically big slabs of Gorilla Glass and plastic.

@tempo a friend of mine had that first one and it was wonderful. you entered text by scrolling the wheel through letters and then clicking it. it was faster than you may think.

@tempo I had the 5510 and it was fantastic for texting. Also had I think 128mb for MP3s which blew my mind

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