gonna try to pitch to the local community shed an idea for a LAN party or something

preferably with older shooters (UT99 and Quake 3/OpenArena) so anyone can join in


i feel they're gonna ask me to supply my own computers for everyone so i'm having a shop around for some old core 2 duo machines or something small and ridiculously cheap that should be able to run late 90s shooters with no issue

almost thought of hooking up a ton of raspberry pis as a last resort (which still ends up being pricier than old core 2 duos anyway so idk)

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@tempo I wonder if a thin client with a reflashed os would be viable for this?

@c24h29clo4 probably, never thought about using old thin clients

most of the ones on ebay seem to be well speced enough to play the vast majority of the games i want them to play, they're small enough for me to just have a container full of them to take to the community shed and they're decently priced too

now i just need to find a cheap source of old lcd monitors i can get shipped to me

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