tourists are bad enough, but the worst kind of tourists are e*ropean tourists

had a german guy come in for fuel and he told me "i want a reciept. want to know why i want a reciept? i'm going to frame it because this is the most expensive fuel in australia" like cool mate, what the fuck do you expect me to do about it?

costs us $1.60 a litre incl. freight because it has to come 1500km to get here, we're charging $1.95 a litre because we have to make money on it

welcome to the desert

@tempo it's $1.50 in places with the fuel tanker docks <20km away

Maybe people growing up in tiny countries don't understand that moving heavy dangerous goods a long way *costs money*

@tempo "hi id like to send this package that weighs a kilo across the country!

What? That's ridiculous, it shouldn't cost more than 50 cents!"

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