minidisc car stereo quest 

i decided to take another quick look and ended up buying this one from someone in poland for relatively cheap that has mdlp support

just gonna get the auto shop to install a frequency "expander" along with it so i can still get most of the local radio stations

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minidisc car stereo quest 

seller messaged me to tell me that shipping will actually be another aud$100 on top of what i've already paid

they seem reluctant to let me pay the extra charges but since the stereo didn't cost all that much i'm happy to do so (mainly because japan post don't seem to ship out to australia if i order one from japan, not sure if that's changed recently)

minidisc car stereo quest 

@tempo Damn, I have seen stereos that look shockingly close to this on multiple cars through the years over here
This is almost nostalgic to look at really

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