having one of those identity crisis situations about my race right now and work is entirely to blame

literally two generations ago my family was proper full blooded aboriginal, proper dark skin and everything

stolen generations shit really fucked that all up and now i have to prove to people that i'm aboriginal

i know race is more than skin colour but when it comes to all these tourists who come here (and for my self image), it really isn't

they ask "why are all these trainees/aboriginal people white?" like listen fucko it was probably your recent ancestors who bred the black out of us


i know all of this stemming from the removal of a tiny little flag logo on my name badge seems silly but that was literally all the representation i had

and their reason for doing it seems arbitrary at best, like only having it for the trainees

being a blackfella doesn't stop when you graduate from your traineeship

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@tempo That seriously feels like "We train aboriginals, and then dump them/stop caring once they're regular employees"


@MxCraven pretty much

once we're not longer government funded, they literally could not care less

the trainee program supposedly exists to get us aboriginal people trained up and moving through the ranks until we eventually "run the place"

except most leave after a year (or even after they graduate) because it's actually kinda shit here (or they realize that the only way to actually get these higher up positions is to have prior experience elsewhere or be a family member of someone high up)

@MxCraven much like most companies run by white people, you'll never actually progress through the ranks to become an executive or ceo or anything even remotely major because that would mean letting you into the exclusive white director club (which is an obvious no-no for them)

@tempo This isn't a race thing, but just a general business thing, but fuck companies that value external experience over internal. That just means they know if you've worked your way up you'll have things you want to change, where if you start up you'll not know the bad bits and won't change the status quo...

@carl I am indeed, which is why I only made a point entirely outside of the race issues in question here.

@tempo Not sure how to respond to this but I can see that it sucks a lot and I hope you feel better soon bud

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