"hi we're switching to some new software to handle tour booking which will happen soon"
alright cool but shouldn't we focus on our aging java/ie based reservation softw-
"hi as of today we're using the new tour booking software please stop using the old one"
okay it's only been a week but whatever, so how do i log in to it?
"use your work-provided email address"
i have a work provided email? also what's the password
"you'll receive your log in soon, also please don't use the old service"


like we should have had more than a week to properly transition to the new software instead of it being announced a week before they just entirely drop the old one without even bothering to enrol anyone in it (one staff member has a login that 3 separate properties have to use)

the old one was dated (last updated in 2012) but at least it worked in modern web browsers

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