just spent an hour glossing over this old list of upcoming software circa august 94 for the 3do

there's absolutely tons of stuff here that either never came out or spent so long in development that it didn't come out until much later, absolute treasure trove

random 3do stuff 

some highlights
- heart of darkness being listed here for a q4 94 release (also in development for amiga cd32 and jag cd, also as a saturn exclusive, all of which never happened)
- road rash 32-bit having the subtitle of "blood of the courier"
- konami arcade conversions of gradius 2 and twinbee, never happened
- unreleased simcity 2000 port
- unreleased ridge racer port (we got stuck with autobahn tokio from sanai instead)
- duelin' fireman (look it up, crazy shit)

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random 3do stuff 

- day of the tentacle and star wars games, unreleased on 3do
- rock 'n' roll racing port (we still got the great snes version with tim follin's soundtrack, so it's not all bad)
- magic carpet, unreleased
- terminator rampage from bethesda, unreleased
- mk2, nba jam and alien trilogy from acclaim, all unreleased
- 3do virtual reality glasses (considering 30fps on 2d or 3d games was a struggle on 3do, the very thought of vr goggles sound nauseating)

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random 3do stuff 

oh, and worldbuilders inc, which was cancelled as resources and priorities moved over to the jurassic park game (yes, that one)

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