literally nobody got any sleep last night on account of the power being out so we got to leave class early

no idea what's wrong with the power in this place

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texas ""instruments"" yeah sure. how am i meant to play anything on this

power went out all night

literally just started posting about it and it just comes back on

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Calling my cats "screamy beans" because they are sometimes bean-shaped and are always very noisy.

alright fuck fetch tv i'm sticking with dubiously legal iptv provider

half the price with more stuff worth watching, plus i don't need a separate box

all this so i dont have to pay via amazon pay and give jeff bezos any money

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stopping my subscription to my totally legal iptv provider just to buy bitcoins and send them to a slightly legally dubious iptv provider for a less functional service

rain forecast for this week

that's good because i like rain, but it's bad because a ton of people are gonna complain that they spent god knows how much money on coming out here only to realise it's raining

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The idea of a "personal carbon footprint" was popularized by BP, the world's 6th largest polluter. They knew that passing the buck onto "individual responsibility" ensured they would never be held accountable.

anyone know of any good privacy-oriented parcel tracking apps (yes, i'm aware of the irony here) that can handle australia post?

me: a northern territory australian, living in the least white part of the country

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seeing all the australiaposting and being like "glad that's not me"

stuck the old CPU out of my old desktop rig into it too (both are intel lga 1150 sockets) and it seemed to fly running ps1 games at 4x res through the vga on my computer monitor, whereas the old chip topped out at native res

was hyped to try that out

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dp out on my little emulation rig has decided to not work out of the blue through my HDMI converter, so either the port or the adaptor is suddenly broken

i wanted to play ps1 games :(

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