planning on getting an 800ah system for the bus and that's probably gonna cost me like $12k

that might not even be enough for my power usage

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getting solar and batteries sorted in a bus for someone who uses a lot of computer stuff sure is expensive

guess i'm a porter today since we don't need 3 receptionists handling 4 arrivals

works for me

pay off my current debts, save a bit up, move back home for a bit, get a $50k loan to buy and subsequently do an old bus up then maybe move back up here to actually pay off the loan

at least i can be nomadic to an extent, still cheaper than buying a place or renting (which is almost not a thing in this part of the country, at least not at my price point)

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really thinking about decking out a bus to live in again

hit my download cap for the month on my home internet (again) and now even after buying an extra data pack and paying my bills on time my service gets suspended

what did i do to deserve this exactly?

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ah screw it, i might as well just get a gpd win 2 instead

onto the afterpay it goes

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it's not exactly cheap either

bog standard 2gb ram model sits at about 500 euros before VAT (about aud$830)

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thought popped into my head about the openpandora and how i've always kinda wanted one ever since ashens showed one off years ago

found out that there's a successor to it called the pyra and it's kinda almost nearly ready for release maybe at some point (dev kits have only become available as of august despite the project being in the works since 2015)

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you could only add songs to your library via a random roll, popular artists would be super rares and lesser known artists would be commons, actually listening to the music constitutes part of an idle game

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lg g5 arrived

time to brick it in an attempt to flash it with a custom rom

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simp stands for simple image manipulation program

note to self: old british white women are some of the worst customers

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Introducing Fediverse: Nitro. Now you can use your emojis across all of your instances for the low low cost of 10$ per month


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