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in the wake of this freenode news i would like to propose my alternative chat client: writing a little note and passing it to your friends

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video games, ranting 

i'm curious if they even have access to any of the original assets, like the original negatives for the images or the audio (even just remixing the audio to include higher quality music, it's all still available and most of it is even on spotify)

my hopes are low as i doubt someone would keep the source assets for something this trashy, but who knows

if they just release it as is, i'd recommend playing the pc version on scummvm instead (which is what they're probably using)

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video games, ranting 

limited run games apparently bought the rights (from whoever the fuck had them) to plumbers don't wear ties???

like i get it, bad game funny haha but as someone who's actually bothered to sit down and play the game (hell, i played it with the crowd at a con panel i hosted a couple of years back with real 3do hardware) it's not something i'd bother to do a paid rerelease for

pers, car stuff 

talked to the mechanics about buying my car off me and they said they'll give me $500 for it (fine by me, probably less fine by my dad for various reasons)

they told me they might have a hiace for sale that was used to hold motorcycles for tours, which sounds as good as i'm gonna get out here

one step closer to the dream of van ownership

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The US donating vaccines to poor countries after squatting on the patents has the same vibe as the grocery store asking me to donate 6 cents to the food bank

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i'm not a 'landlord', i'm an 'innovative housing solutions consultant'

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sorry, i only watch anime if it's from low quality anime fansub tapes i had to get mail order that still have the advertisements in from the original japanese broadcast

anything else just ain't anime

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[Ben Franklin is driving a mid-2000s Honda Civic]

Me, in the dream: wait. That's not right at all

[Ben Franklin is now driving a Model T]

Me: ok there we go

also downloading that collection of sailor moon vhs fansub rips just for the sake of having it

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watching kenny lauderdale's videos on obscure 80s OVAs and other old anime is just making me waste more of my downloads on shows i'll probably never watch

the day i actually sit through all of minky momo (if i actually manage to find it all subbed in english) will be the day something catastrophic happens

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it's a $2.5k mod to get done for a modern diesel engine but 1. i'm already taking a loan out to cover the cost of my van anyway so i might as well add in a little more, and 2. i can get free fuel from work that i just have to filter and add a solvent to

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honestly running my future van off of used vegetable oil would be badass

i feel they're gonna ask me to supply my own computers for everyone so i'm having a shop around for some old core 2 duo machines or something small and ridiculously cheap that should be able to run late 90s shooters with no issue

almost thought of hooking up a ton of raspberry pis as a last resort (which still ends up being pricier than old core 2 duos anyway so idk)

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gonna try to pitch to the local community shed an idea for a LAN party or something

preferably with older shooters (UT99 and Quake 3/OpenArena) so anyone can join in

where does that mario x rabbids game fit in the xcom timeline?

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