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The dislike button on a toot is called the reply button

also makes me feel somewhat better about myself

they're just gonna be really god damn loose

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clothes i ordered for graduation arrived and are kinda big for their size

at least they're comfortable

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A take so bad your connection breaks and the router refuses to ever connect to the internet again. A take so bad it forces you to use an ethernet cable and gently massage the signal through each time you try to log on after it

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if the BBC was truly committed to balance, they would have a guy who hates the very concept of "news" in the studio at all times, yelling over the presenter about how TV doesn't exist


new tour booking software is so good that it sometimes won't let you book tours until you've marked everyone as wheelchair bound

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i hope they make a movie about this brave individual and his struggles

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cnn just a segment on the impact of the pandemic on the restaurant industry

their example of how bad it is? a very sad man who used to own 13 restaurants in los angeles but now he only owns ten

the poor lamb only owns ten restaurants in los angeles!

how will he afford that new Christmas yacht now?! :blobsadreach:

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you’ve heard of 128-bit encryption, get ready for 129-bit encryption

is this keith urban concert clip from the american today show being shown on an australian network that claims to be "live" actually pre-recorded filler content used to pad time at midnight or are there genuinely a ton of maskless americans at a concert right now being crammed into a tiny space?

i wish any of us knew the answer to this

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What if we put Toad's head on top of Frisk's body! 

It'd look something... like this!

alc uspol 

to be fair, this would also be the funniest thing ever while sober

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alc uspol 

being drunk means seeing ben shapiro appear on a doco about the trump presidency while flicking through channels is the funniest thing ever

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You have entered the public transit meme zone. Please present one meme to ride the train.

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A lot of people think the pandemic is being handled poorly, but they're not thinking about it from the perspective of the people who are running Western countries. The pandemic is the best thing to ever happen to the billionaires.

Mass unemployment translates to cheap labour, and small businesses dying off is the equivalent to Black Friday for these people.

A billionaire in a pandemic is like a kid in a candy store.


feels weird using a full size computer like my pbp after all these weeks of using the tiny gpd win 2

it's like an absolutely massive lad

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*posting my entire life on facebook*

this vaccine is just gonna be a way for the government to track you

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