at least it's now in some sort of functional state (just with my old 1050ti)

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just got the pc back from the repair place (after that 9 hour drive, no less)

found out that the cpu was in the wrong mobo (bold of me to assume ryzen 2000 cpus would work on b550 chipset mobos) and the gpu apparently isn't compatible/won't fit into the "refurbished" b350 mobo he gave me

also, he forgot to plug all but one of my sata drives back in and even offered to install windows for me (no)

downloading all the podcasts i'll need (mainly cheap show and purely cheap show) in the hope that my passenger for half of the trip brings her earphones or doesn't care

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9 hours of driving to alice springs and back tomorrow


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i got the "internet of things" installed in my house. and now? the tumble dryer is horny. the microwave is sarcastic. all the appliances have personalities, and they are forming a plucky band of operatives hell-bent on destabilising the venezuelan government

uspol, food 

can't believe biden removed the diet coke button

had a guy come up to the counter at work yesterday asking what our percentage of indigenous management was

a manager replied to him saying "yeah we're about 50% indigenous employees and we run an indigenous trainee programming" and i so wanted to butt in and say that "uh none of our actual managers or any higher ups are indigenous, that 50% is purely low rung workers and maybe a supervisor or two"

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bad! this is a bad post! it mentions usa politics and also it's very bad!! 

a fb friend started his celebratory post today with "this country was thirsty for executive leadership" and now all i can think is


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the nerds are dunking my head into the toilet
"nice spaghetti you got there, hehe, oh wait thats your cable management ahahahahha"
they say

i cry

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yawns are just socially acceptable rawrs, this says a lot about our society

did the seepy cosy after work and missed 3 phone calls


i will not be speedrunning atlantis the last resort on cd-i because i don't hate myself enough to do so

my comments are closed

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i log on to mastodon. clippy appears and asks "it looks like you're trying to draft a toot? would you like some help with that? yes/no/release" i move my mouse to click no but miss and click release. all of a sudden the roof is blown off of my house. a giant clippy is in the sky and a hurricane has appeared even though i live in ohio. "FOOLISH MORTAL, I HAVE BEEN RELEASED FROM MY ELECTRONIC CHAINS. THIS WORLD WILL FACE MY WRATH". i get a good idea for a toot and quickly post it. it gets 3 faves and 2 boosts.

i only know about it because it's playing on CONtv

it just looks like a big, long, slightly unfinished cutscene

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just found out they made a bad cg movie out of heavenly sword (the 2007 ps3 game from ninja theory)

7 years after the game came out for some reason

out in the car park listening to their little barker speaker and it mentions they're selling those pandora's box arcade stick things (probably a no-no from a copyright point of view) and that it includes "street fighter" (a real thing) and "alien invaders" (not a real thing as far as i know)

why would you advertise me a real game and a fake game?

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do you think any of us will live long enough to see @nice_weather switch to celsius

trawled through the electronics shop that i've dropped my computer off at and they have a considerable selection of somewhat antiquated hardware and consumables

at least i know where i can go to get some cheapish hi-md discs

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